Trustee Board and Staff

Trustee Board Members

Flaminia Ronca


Flaminia is co-founder of ARCA. She is a Sport Scientist, she lectures and conducts scientific research at the Institute of Sport, Exercise and Health (ISEH), part of University College London (UCL). She is passionate about development, in both social and scientific contexts. She is invested in the impact that exercise and sport have on socio-economic development, and in the importance of academia for social mobility. She is very committed to ARCA’s young people, and dedicates her time to personally mentoring the youth and running our activities. Flaminia is the Safeguarding Deputy.

Gary Anderson


As ARCA’s trustee, Gary oversees the mentoring process and advises on best practice. Gary is a former chief inspector of the Metropolitan Police, where he used to deliver leadership mentoring to colleagues. He is an exceptionally hard-working leader and manager who has previously worked in the public sector. He specialised in youth diversion and engagement, working closely with gangs and serious youth violence. He also previously worked as an adviser to the Home Office and MOPAC within his specialist fields. He was a former personal safety instructor and first aid instructor for over ten years. 

Edwin Tejeda


Edwin was born in the Domician Republic and  is a newly appointed trustee for ARCA. During his time with our organisation, he has become acquainted with many of our young people and has built strong positive relationships with them. He is a trustworthy and committed person who enjoys giving motivational talks, is a voluntary mentor and has helped deliver leadership development sessions. Additionally, he plays football with our young people every weekend. He enjoys sports, reading and working with young people.

Staff Members and Volunteers

George Francis


George is co-founder of ARCA. As a former elite athlete and elite coach (futsal, football and martial arts), He uses his expertise to support young people to reach their full potential. He is highly invested in our young people, he personally delivers all our sports programmes and mentors those who seek a career in sports. He is also in charge of our non-profit English school.

Brittany Granda

Youth Project Manager

Brittany is ARCA Generation’s Youth Project Manager, Behavioural Intervention Specialist and is our Safeguarding Lead. She currently oversees the mentoring aspects of our organisation and coordinates all of our youth activities. She graduated from Kingston University with a master’s degree with (Criminology with Forensic Psychology. She also has a bachelor’s degree in Psychology. Before joining ARCA, she worked in the USA as a Behavioral Skills Therapist working with children on the autism spectrum and those with challenging behaviours.

Yeraldin Carrasco Perez


Yeraldin was born in the Dominican Republic and has been volunteering weekly for ARCA for over a year. She is a trustworthy and approachable individual who has become acquainted with many of our young people with whom she has built strong positive relationships with. She works voluntarily with us as a mentor and creates team building activities that our young people engage in weekly.She enjoys sports and being active.