Statement of Faith

ARCA is a Christian organization and, as such, our values are rooted in our belief in Jesus.

What we believe:

  1. We believe that God is love (1 Jon 4), and as such we show our love unconditionally and to all people, regardless of their situation, background or belief.
  2. We believe in God the Father, the Son (Jesus Christ) and the Holy Spirit (1 Jon 5:7-8).
  3. We believe that Jesus died to set us free: free from sin, free from sacrifice and free from burden; and although we have sinned, we are made clean and free by the sacrifice of Christ on the cross (Jon 3:16).
  4. We believe that God still heals and delivers today and that these signs follow those who believe (Mar 16:17).
  5. We believe that the baptism is the declaration of our repentance and of our belief in Jesus as our saviour; as such, it marks the end of our old paths and the beginning of a new life as a new creation (2 Co 5:17).
  6. We believe in the baptism of the Holy Spirit (Mark 1:8) and the gifts of the Spirit (1 Co 12).
  7. We are all united as a body in Christ through our belief in Him, regardless of denomination (Eph 4:5).