What is Pro Youth? 

Pro Youth is a sport employability project, aimed at giving young people opportunities to develop leadership skills and work experience through sport.  

What type of work experience can I get? 

You can choose from these main pathways:

  • Coaching
  • Refereeing
  • Team Management
  • University Pathways
  • Research and Development
  • Semi-Pro Athlete
  • Other (if you have an interest that isn’t listed, email us to discuss more options)  

Who can sign up?

Our target age is 14 – 21 years of age, but we will accept interest from young adults, up to 30 years of age. 




How does it work? 

Pick a path. 

1. Complete 20 sessions of work experience and mentoring.

2. Receive a certificate.

3. Be interviewed for a paid position!

4. Get paid to do what you love.

What support will I receive?

  • You will be assigned a tutor, who will support you to build knowledge and skills in your chosen pathway.
  • You will receive mentoring to help you set goals and work towards them. 
  • You will receive employability workshops to help you build a professional CV, to practice your interview skills and to learn more about the professional world.






Get work experience as a referee. Practice during our games and gain an FA level 1 certificate after completing your work experience. 


Get work experience as a coach. Practice during our training sessions by assisting our coaches and gain an FA level 1 certificate after completing your work experience. 

    Team Management

    Are you a people person wanting to improve your leadership skills? Become a team manager. Make sure the players are always on  the game!  

    University Pathways

    Have a taste of the university experience. Attend lectures, shadow researchers in sport science labs, receive tutoring in scientific writing and get support for your UCAS application. 

      Semi-Pro Athletes

      Receive training from professional coaches and take part in tournaments. 

        Other Opportunities

        ARCA offers a range of other work experience and youth leadership opportunities, from teaching English to running