SEEDs is a collaborative link between London Universities and ARCA, connecting academics and professionals with young people in the community. The project was developed to give young people from underrepresented groups an opportunity to connect with professionals in prospective areas of interest.

What types of opportunities do we offer?

What does SEEDs stand for?

We work with professionals from various universities and organisations, including the ISEH, the Metropolitan Police, UCL, Kingston University and various other organisations and local charities.

This is how some professionals are helping:

  • Physiotherapists are offering the opportunity to shadow them in clinic.
  • University Lecturers and Researchers are offering opportunities for interactive learning in their labs and seminar rooms.
  • Professionals offer sit down for a chat to explain the purpose of their role and the career path they took.


Steer: To turn towards the right direction. 

Elevate: To encourage and give confidence. 

Excite: To show how exciting and inspiring work can be, when you do something you truly love.

Direct: To show the steps to take to build a successful career in an area one loves. 

support: To continue to develop a relationship and provide further guidance. 



The two medical students and Flaminia were both very helpful and were happy to answer any questions that were asked. Thank you for a great day at ISEH!

I really enjoyed my day – everyone was really friendly and it was informative, interesting and relaxed. Thank you for having me!

It was interesting to see the professional equipment applied to us. I found the lecture that I was given particularly interesting.

It was interesting to see so many different tests in action and be able to link this to what we had learnt. I have learnt more about the potentials of different university degrees including medicine, sports science and sports and exercise medical sciences.”

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