Project LEAD is a leadership development programme aimed at young people from all walks of life, aged 14-18.

How is the programme structured?

  • The 18-week development programme is divided into three blocks of 6 weeks, where completing pupils achieve Bronze, Silver and Gold LEAD status.
  • Each block will focus on developing a different set of skills, from personal to social to leadership skills. Students learn through small group, interactive activities such as: sports and games, team-building activities, visits to places of interest, debates, public speaking and first aid training.
  • Students meet once a week for small group activities, and are connected with a personal mentor who will support them in reaching a personal goal of their choice.

What does LEAD stand for?

Learning – To provide new knowledge that will spark interest and inspiration.

Empowerment – To empower young people to make a positive change in their lives and to become positive influencers for others.

Assertiveness – To empower young people to express themselves confidently and effectively while also respecting other’s beliefs and points of view.

Development – To provide the necessary skills and guidance for each young person to develop their personal, social and leadership skills.

For Schools

We are very interested in delivering this programme to secondary schools. If your school would be interested, please feel free to contact us.

What our young people say about this programme:

“Arca is a place for me to learn how to improve my life, it made a big impact on my life by helping me control my anger”

“Arca has helped us deal with depression, to believe in ourselves, to forgive and not to hate.

They have taken care of us like if they were our parents. Arca is not an organization for us arca is our home” 

“Arca will go that extra step for you because they believe in us. They believe that we have potential and if you don’t know what your talent is they will try everything in this world until you find it.”

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