Welcome to ARCA Generation

ARCA generation is a non-profit organisation that helps develop the skills of young people, enabling them to build a bright future for themselves and contribute to the growth of their own community and generation. We accomplish this through the provision of sports, recreational and fun educational activities.



“Literally, I wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t for the support that ARCA gave me. I am studying Jewellery Design at University. ARCA was my huge support to do what I always wanted to do.

Thank you George and Flamina!

See you guys soon, I will come back soon to start my own art project at ARCA again!”

Jose M.

They have taken care of us like if they were our parents. Arca is not an organization for us arca is our home.” 


“Most of us come from different backgrounds facing harsh conditions and problems every day, ARCA is the only place where we feel at ease and can share our problems with friends.

ARCA […] also prepares us for the working and academic environment […]. This has certainly helped me as I am more vocal and confident in interviews and group work.

I would like to thank George and Flaminia in particular, without your guidance and effort many kids in the community and myself would be heading in the wrong path.”


“Arca for me is like my second house, because every time I feel down and I go there the people make me get back up.

[…] Arca is a place that everyone can come have fun with each other, […] Arca helps young people like myself from being in the streets and they help people find jobs and ideas of what they want to do for future.

Arca is a place that anyone would love to go because they can help you achieve anything in life. I think the communities should have more place like arca and if they do I think the streets wouldn’t be like it is right now.” 


“Arca really holds great value in the community it is located in and has helped a lot of young people who come from less fortunate backgrounds.

At arca you are treated like one of the family and does its best to support people of all ages that attend

It’s a place where people can feel welcomed, loved, and appreciated for who they are. With a bunch of different nationalities that attend arcade it’s a amazing way of bringing people together and to learn from one another. ” 


“They have given me the opportunity to increase my experience in preparation for a future career in teaching. The workshops they provide allowed me to see my potentials and discover jobs I never knew existed. ”